Stat Combos are Stat combinations that are required in order to unlock certain options in dialogue and Events. These combos are named in such a way as to give an idea what the personality of the character is. Most combos can be acquired for Custom Characters through Traits. These guarantee the Stat Combos by setting the starting Stats accordingly.

Even if a Character is not a particular Stat Combo yet, they can gain Stat Combos through personality modifications such as the Dentist Office and Magazine events, plus shooting training for High Composure characters.

Combo Required Stats Effect
Angry-strong Low Composure

High Strength

(Fierce Tempered)

Angry-strong characters may subdue problems using intimidation and violence. The Fierce Tempered trait does not give this combo by default, but can be combined with perks such as Megabuff to get close. Alternatively, BERSERK! combined with 2 strength boost from any Perk will give angry-strong.
Calm-shot High Composure

High Shooting

(Calm Under Fire)

Calm-shot characters are extremely proficient with firearms and will succeed in events where they may use their shooting ability. The Calm Under Fire trait does not give this combo by default, but can be combined with perks such as Gun Collector to get close.
Charming High Attitude

High Wits


Charming characters are able to use their charisma to get free items and training in trader camps, but only for themselves. Additionally, in text events, charming can be used in some situations to avoid problems such as compromising with bandits.

The 'Civilized' and 'Charming' Traits both grant this Combo.

Grating Low Attitude

Low Wits


Grating characters are able to tell people to 'Cool It.' They also have the option to tell people to "Say it don't, spray it," which often results in negative effects but has a small chance to incur positive effects. Grating characters can also be useful in dealing with other irritating people. 'BERSERK!' and 'Irritating' give this at the start of the game.
Oblivious High Attitude

Low Wits


Oblivious character are highly resistant to losing morale; they may even regain morale and a stat boost when low on morale, but at the cost of some Attitude. Characters who are oblivious get options in text events to simply ignore danger and annoyances, as if they don't exist.
Paranoid Low Attitude

High Wits


Paranoid characters can effectively subdue bandits and avert disasters by anticipating them. When recruiting a new survivor, Paranoid characters can determine their stats. Paranoid characters will refuse help from strangers, lest they lose morale for receiving aid.
Sociopath Low Composure

Low Loyalty


Bandits are given an option in text events and trader camps to steal from survivors they are interacting with. They may also have unique options in certain events.
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