Stat Mods are survivor status effects that temporarily alter stats.


Tired is a common survivor hindrance that results from a lack of proper sleep or excessive physical labor, which can be the result of various events. When a party member is tired, their combat stats (strength, fitness, and shooting) are reduced by 3 levels each, down to a minimum cap of -1.

While scavenging, if a character expends their energy earlier than usual from swinging a weapon, a blue icon with an exasperated face will appear over them as a reminder. Tiredness will disappear once another day ticks over (assuming the character does not have trouble sleeping). This is indicated by the consumption of food often accompanied by an event.


Example notification of a character becoming 'Tired'

Tiredness can be staved off using a few options:

  • Survivors with the Sound Sleeper trait will never be tired
  • Having a survivor rest during looting events treats their tiredness
  • Coffee from coffee shops will resolve tiredness

Coffee'd Up

Coffee'd Up is a character buff that is a result of drinking a cup of coffee from coffee shops in city looting events. As long as a mechanic does not tinker with the machine, every survivor can drink coffee.

Survivors that are Coffee'd Up will gain a temporary buff of 4 additional fitness and strength levels, and 3 additional dexterity levels. On top that, Coffee'd Up will cure Tired, making the choice of looting a coffee shop ideal on sleepless nights. If a survivor drinks coffee again while Coffee'd Up without tinkering with the machine, they will instead become Sick.

The stat mod disappears once survivors leave the looting mission.


Sick is a rarely seen survivor detriment that is a result of having too much coffee. It reduces fitness temporarily by a single level and reduces morale by 2 levels.

Like Coffee'd Up, the stat mod disappears when leaving a looting mission.

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