Strength is a combat stat in Death Road to Canada. Survivors who specialize in strength are not only more proficient in melee combat but are also capable of lifting heavy objects and throwing them at zombies to inflict damage. Additionally, some events can be solved using strength.

Contrary to popular belief, improving the strength stat does not increase damage inflicted to zombies; only the weapon determines damage. Instead, it reduces the amount of stamina it takes to swing a weapon, allowing a survivor to attack more often before growing tired, similar to the fitness stat.

Strength also determines how easily a character can start the chainsaw. Being tired will severely reduce strength temporarily.


At the lowest level, survivors can be expected to be able to pick up very few pieces of furniture, mostly dining chairs. Increasing the stat allows a survivor to left heavier furniture, up to and including beds, tables, and even statues. The stat also determines how far furniture can be thrown, allowing light furniture to benefit from having more range.

While fitness is considerably ideal if a survivor is meant to become better in melee combat, both stats should be increased as they both help when swinging weapons. If both stats are maxed out, a survivor can be expected to efficiently use heavy weapons, such as the Zweihander and Claymore.

Survivors with a high strength stat combined with low composure will gain the Angry-Strong stat combo.


The strength stat can be trained in the following ways:


The following survivors will have strength skill when recruited:


Characters with a high strength stat can be used for a handful events, and they may gain strength skill if they are successful. The following events can be solved with strength:

The following events do not have to be solved with strength, but may still increase it:

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