The Sumo Wrestler is a Rare Character that can be found and recruited during an Event. He is depicted as a very fat topless man with a bun haircut.

The Sumo Wrestler has a strong empty-handed attack, but doesn't use Kung Fu. He has 3 inventory slots, and comes with nothing in his inventory. In addition, he has the Gourmand trait, causing him to eat 3 food during Camping Events, gain/lose morale depending on the amount of food eaten, and start with an extra Vitality point (4 instead of 3).

When Sumo Wrestler is recruited his Strength and Fitness are revealed.

Sumo Wrestler will have a randomly selected male name in-game.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

The group is trying to find supplies and stumbles on a fortified martial arts dojo. Inside is a sumo wrestler. He explains that he's surviving, but he wants to travel. Everyone left his town quite awhile ago. Even before then, there wasn't a huge demand for sumo wrestler training on the east coast of the United States.

I heard sumo is pretty big in Canada! Bigger than hockey!

Upon Recruitment

[Name] enters the car. The suspension goes really, really low on one side, but the car still manages to drive down the road.

If Party is full

[Name] appreciates the offer at first, but then it becomes really apparent that there's no way in hell that 5 people can fit into the car. Much less 4 people and a sumo wrestler. Replace someone?


"All that training came in handy!"

[Name] reached the highest ranks in the beloved Canadian sport of Sumo Wrestling.

Special Abilities

The Sumo Wrestler uses a unique unarmed attack called Sumo. It is slightly weaker than Kung Fu but has higher knockback and can attack up to two targets. It can be upgraded to Super Sumo through the Video Casette Player event.


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