The Swarmed Gym is a location that can be visited during the Always be Looting Event.

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It is a moderately sized building filled with gym equipment and Sports-based weapons.

Within the Gym the player will find either Weights or a Stationary Bike that can be interacted with by the active character.

The Weights will allow the active character to train their Strength.

The Stationary Bike will allow the active character to train their Fitness.

Characters will be given options as to how hard to push themselves while exercising. The selected level will be checked against the character's corresponding Stat. If the training is too light they will not gain a level, if it is too hard they will not gain a level and hurt themselves.

Exercising will cause time to pass, and in that time zombies may spawn. Having no other survivors in the party will force the excising character to defend themselves while they exercise and will result in damage to them.

The exercise machines can only be used once by one character.

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