Swole-O-Flex is a common Driving Event can occur in Death Road to Canada. It was added in the October 2017 EYEBALL (Part 1) update.

Event Text

The group stumbles upon a Swole-O-Flex Home Strength and Fitness Machine [tm]!

You don't see these much anymore after all the lawsuits against it and the government ordered recalls.

If alone: Using this will hurt.
If not alone: Pick someone to use Swole-O-Flex and probably get killed:

  • [Choose character]
  • Stay away from it


Stay away from it

Event ends, nothing happens

[Choose character]:

[Character] uses the innovative Swolo-O-Flex personal exercise system...

One of two outcomes plays out, each increasing a different stat. The outcome that plays first is chosen randomly.

If Strength increases


Final result after finishing the workout

The machine starts its patented automated total body bodybuilding regiment...

[Character]'s body makes audible snapping and crunching sounds! How horrifying!

[Character] +1 Strength
[Character] -1 Health (lethal)

If Fitness increases


First attempt at using the machine

The machine clamps [Character] in place for it's innovative gymnastics simulator...

A high-tension cable snaps free and whips around! There's no time to react to it!

[Character] +1 Fitness
[Character] -1 Health (lethal)

If character was killed in the first session

A little speaker on the machine says NO REFUNDS!


If the character survives the first training session, the player is offered a choice between avoiding further injury or finishing the workout.

Avoid further injury

Event ends

Finish workout!

[Character] finishes his/her workouts, no matter the cost!

The remaining outcome then plays out.

If character was killed in the second session

A little speaker on the machine says NO PAIN NO GAIN!


  • The game files contain an unused line of text for this event: "The company that made it went out of business shortly before the zombocalypse hit." It was meant as extra text for the initial event, but was not used in the final release.
  • The line "[Character]'s body makes audible snapping and crunching sounds! How horrifying!" is marked as red in the game's code, however this does not function during the actual event.
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