THE BRANCH is a common Walking Event that can be encountered if the party is without a Vehicle.

Event Text

While trekking through the woods, the group gets pretty lost. If they keep going like this, they'll waste a lot of time.

  • [Fittest Character] climbs a tree to look around
  • Keep wandering blindly


[Character] climbs a tree to look around

[Character] decides to climb a tree to get a better vantage point of the surrounding area.

High Fitness

[Character] climbs the tree with little effort. It's fun exercise! [He/She] spots something in the distance.

[Character] Fitness Revealed
[Character] +1 Morale

Success (60%)

[His/Her] plan works out fine. [He/She] spots something in the distance, and gets to see a majestic view!

[Character] Fitness Revealed
[Character] +1 Morale

Failure (40%)

On the way up, the branch that was holding [his/her] weight breaks, causing [him/her] to fall a good distance!

[Character] Fitness Revealed
[Character] -1 Health (fatal)
[Character] -1 Morale


Keep wandering blindly

Two penalty events added to the walking day
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