The Big McDowell is a common event in Death Road to Canada. It was added in the June 2019 ILEUM Part 1 update.

Event Text

The group loots a McDowell's, which was the most popular restaurant in the United States before civilization fell. Even after all this time, the food found here is still preserved due to all the chemicals.

WARNING: Burging is not great for your health but won't kill you.

  • Find and eat burgers, pay the burg price
  • Search for kid's meal toys instead


Find and eat burgers, pay the burg price

[Character] finds a box of Big McDowell burgers. 100 years could pass, and not even bugs or mold would get anywhere near those things. He/she digs in!

[Character] goes overboard and eats WAY too much of this 'food'.

If not alone: Everyone really enjoys those burgers, but they're not great for the old internal organs.

  • [Character] +3 Morale
  • [Character] -2 Health (non-lethal, only if character does not have the Gourmand trait)
  • Character's body becomes 100% wider
  • [Rest of party] +2 Morale
  • [Rest of party] -1 Health (non-lethal, only for characters without the Gourmand trait)

Party has at least one character with the Gourmand trait

[Character]'s fine tastes allow true appreciation of these burgers! VITALITY up, SPEED down!

  • Character does not take health penalty
  • [Character] +1 Vitality
  • [Character] -1 Dexterity
  • Character's body becomes 60% wider (if character did not go overboard)

Search for kid's meal toys instead

The group finds one remaining kid's meal toy. It's a good one!

Children's grenade

Somehow, it is safe for children.

[Weapon] found!

Possible weapons:


  • For the "eat burgers" outcome, the character who goes overboard is chosen randomly, however you can tell who will get the bonus by looking at the event's character icon.
  • The grenade toy is described as a "CHILDREN'S GRENADE (safe for children)". It is otherwise identical to a regular grenade and appears as "Grenade" in the inventory.
  • When originally added in ILEUM Part 1, this event did not have a proper name. This was corrected in the August 2019 ILEUM Part 2 update.
  • The name McDowell's may be a reference to the movie Coming to America, where the main character works at a McDonald's knockoff named McDowell's.
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