The Morning Moose is a Camping Event. The party encounters an injured Moose outside their camp. This event is always preceded by the 'Moose in the Morning' event.

Event Text

The group camps for the night, off a quiet stretch of the road.

Group sleeps, one meal is eaten

In the morning, there's a moose outside the camp! it looks injured, and is just glaring at the group.

Even injured, a moose is a really powerful creature. Probably best not to mess with it.

  • Leave moose alone
  • [Highest Medical Character] treats its injury
  • [Highest Shooting Character] shoots the moose
  • [Highest Strength Character] wrestles the moose


Leave moose alone

Event ends, nothing happens


[Character] treats its injury

[Character] tries to help the injured moose.

Medical Check

No Medical supplies

[Character] forgot that there were no medical supplies! The moose appreciates the gesture anyway, so it only mauls [him/her] half as hard for getting close.

[Character] -1 Health (Fatal)

Success[Automatic success if character has high Medical]

[He/She] patches it up a little. The moose is too confused by this gesture of kindness to maul [him/her].

[Party] -1 Medical supplies
[Character] Medical and Loyalty revealed
[Character] +2 Morale
[Character] +1 Loyalty


[He/She] doesn't know much about caring for a moose and ends up angering it! The moose flings out a hard kick to [him/her].

[Character] Medical revealed
[Character] -1 Morale
[Character] -1 Health (Fatal)


[Character] shoots the moose

[Character] tries to shoot the moose. This isn't very sportsmanlike!

Shooting Check

No firearms

[The group] doesn't have any sort of weapon that shoots! The moose and [Character] have a good chuckle. Then the moose starts mauling everyone.

[Party] -2 Health (Fatal)

Success[Automatic success if character has high Shooting]

[He/She] blasts the moose. The group gets what stringy meat they can from it before having to leave.

[Character] Shooting Revealed
+12 Food


[He/She] whiffs the shot! The moose is not happy about this, and stomps [him/her] up real bad.

[Character] Shooting Revealed
[Character] -2 Health (Fatal)
[Character] -1 Morale


[Character] wrestles the moose

[Character] wrestles the moose! Arms lock with hooves in a test of strength and willpower!

Strength Check

Success[Automatic success if character has high Strength]

[He/She] wins this pointless contest! It's a triumph over nature. The moose seethes over the loss and saunters away.

[Character] +1 Strength(if Strength is not maxed out)
[Character] +1 Fitness(if Strength is maxed out)
[Character] Fitness Revealed (if Fitness increases)
[Character] Strength Revealed
[Character] +1 Morale


[He/She] doesn't win! In a blatant disregard for wrestling rules, the moose crushes [him/her] with its hooves.

[Character] Strength Revealed
[Character] -2 Health (Fatal)
[Character] -1 Morale
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