The Zombie Master is a rare driving event in Death Road to Canada.

Event Text

The group runs into a strange woman wearing goggles, a scarf, and a cape. She says she's the MASTER OF ZOMBIES and that she will teach one of her secret zombie tips as a service to humanity.

  • Zombie shooting lesson
  • Just run away constantly
  • How to fight with melee
  • Toughen up against bites


Zombie shooting lesson

The MASTER OF ZOMBIES gives the group a great lesson on proper shooting! She gives a homework assignment to do some real zombie hunting, and provides a bunch of ammo and a rifle!

Just run away constantly

The MASTER OF ZOMBIES sets up a little obstacle course and teaches the group how to run in a more efficient, less embarassing fashion!

How to fight with melee

The MASTER OF ZOMBIES enlightens the group on melee weaponry with some tips and some VERY DANGEROUS TRAINING.

  • [Party] +1 Strength
  • [Party] +1 Fitness
  • [Party] Strength and Fitness revealed
  • [Party] -1 Health (non-lethal)

Toughen up against bites

The MASTER OF ZOMBIES shows the group how to toughen their skin up against zombie bites! This process involves her beating them up.

  • [Party] +1 Vitality
  • [Party] -1 Health (non-lethal)
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