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The Three Graves is a random encounter event that the players party can experience in Death Road to Canada . You are given the choice to dig up one of three untouched graves or to leave them be.


Dig up --GRID

The group finds a collection of love letters from a soldier to his pining sweetheart. They are really touching! There's also a box full of canned herring and a box of stale candies wrapped in a golden bow.


The group digs and digs and finds nothing of interest at all. What a waste of time.

If alone

However, [Character] finds a big pack of medical supplies in a nearby outbuilding!

If not alone

While everyone else was digging, [Character] found a gas can under some leaves, next to a pile of skulls.

Dig up LUI--

The group digs up an oaken coffin with rivet brass handles and a plaque with the sentiment "THERE'S NO FATE BUT WHAT YOU MAKE" engraved into it. The coffin is heavy but opens easily.

It's filled with GUNS. A ton of GUNS.

GOT [Weapon 1], [Weapon 2], AND [Weapon 3]!

  • The possible weapons and the chances of getting them are:

Weapon 1

Weapon 2

Weapon 3

Leave them be!

The group decides that maybe digging up graves during the zombie apocalypse isn't the brightest idea and chooses instead to GET A MOVE ON.

Will not result in anything, forcing the encounter to end.

  • No penalties
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