Tnomey is a trader that is unlockable with Unomey for 10 Zombo Points. This will allow him to appear in trader camps for player use.

Tnomey's wares are purchased with ZP instead of food, and only one purchase is allowed to be made per game, as he will ascend into the sky after a purchase is made. Tnomey's stock can be very useful after everything in Zombo Town has been unlocked, giving ZP a purpose beyond unlocking perks, traits, and upgrades.


Item Price
Default Stock
4 food 10 ZP
3 medical 10 ZP
30 gas 10 ZP
24 bullets 10 ZP
15 shotgun ammo 10 ZP
18 rifle ammo 10 ZP
Random Common Recruit! 10 ZP
Trader Gnome Upgrade
6 food 20 ZP
4 medical 15 ZP
45 gas 20 ZP
36 bullets 20 ZP
22 shotgun ammo 20 ZP
27 rifle ammo 20 ZP
Battle Rodent 20 ZP
Cowboy Rifle 20 ZP
Dolt Revolver 20 ZP
Shotgun 20 ZP
Grenade 20 ZP
Trader Gnome ULTIMATE
8 food 30 ZP
6 medical 30 ZP
60 gas 30 ZP
48 bullets 30 ZP
30 shotgun ammo 30 ZP
36 rifle ammo 30 ZP
Random Rare Recruit! 30 ZP
Sledgehammer 30 ZP
Fire Axe 30 ZP

Encounter Text




Upon buying an item

Possible quotes:

  • "Nice purchase, NERD!"
  • "OOOooooooo!"
  • "Keep on looting toilets!" *wink*
  • "Ooo! Oooooooo!"
  • "Good luck with Canada!" *trollface*
  • "Smell ya later!"
  • "Whenever you need help... look to the staaaaars!"
  • "I'm ascending!"
  • "This... this is goodbye!"
  • "I'm outta heeeeere!"
  • "Believe in the Uncks!"
  • "May the Zombo Points protect you!"
  • "Uh, something's pulling me upwards."
  • "The real power was FRIENDSHIP!"
  • "I'll always be with you, inside your heart!"
  • "Thank you, please shop at TNOME-CO again!"
  • "Thanks for the ZP!"


  • Like other gnomes, Tnomey uses Pokin' to attack zombies. This is most commonly seen if he has to defend himself from zombies in the Trader Inferno.
  • The 'T' in 'Tnomey' stands for either trade, or a word related to that (trading, trader etc.)
    • Additionally, it appears to be a pun on Unomey's name where "Uno" is Spanish for "One" and Tnomey's name can be pronounced similarly to "Two know me", referencing the order that they are unlocked in.
    • His encounter text also calls back to the pun made by Gnomey and Unomey, whose names are pronounced similar to "know me" and "you know me", respectively. However, as he himself mentions, the joke does not work as well for him, as his name can be pronounced as "two know me", not creating the pun like Gnomey and Unomey's names.
  • Tnomey ascending after a purchase is made is similar to Gnomey's Despair Event when he is not alone, where he does so while claiming to have "ascended into Godhood".
  • The "Random Rare Recruit" option causes a random rare road recruit appear after leaving the camp. However, the game specifically calls for a "good" rare recruit event, which means that "bad" rare recruits (Anime Girl, G*rf, Governor Emperor, Knight, Mason, Nimbus Ordeal and Octodad) cannot be obtained through this option.
  • There are three unused purchasable items in the game's code, all of which cost 10 ZP: a dog, a Pipebomb and a Ballpeen Hammer. The Pipebomb and Ballpeen Hammer would've been available from the start, while the dog would've only been available after purchasing the Trader Gnome Upgrade.
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