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The Toilet Genie is a non recruitable Rare Character and Event that may be encountered while interacting with any toilet in any location. He will appear every time the total number of toilets you have opened is a multiple of 100. This number persists between playthroughs.

The number of toilets opened can also be instantly increased by picking the Wings Flapping option in the event Toilet of the Past's Future.

This number can be brought down to 50 through unlocks sold by Unomey.

Interacting with the Genie will prompt the player to ask for a wish.

After interacting with them, the Genie will stay inside of the room, but will not interact with the character or zombies and can be killed by using Fire or Explosives.

Event Text

When [Character] opened the toilet, a magical genie appeared.


[Character] makes a wish:

  • I vant... to bee rich
  • Immortality
  • Are you one of those evil genies?


I vant... to bee rich

Cans of food start raining from the ceiling. Finally. You're rich!

Then the roof collapses on top of [Character]...

  • 15-20 food spawns inside of the room, as well as a random number of zombies.


[Character] stares in horror as their skin turns to stone, trapping them in place forever as a statue.

Character with grey skin

No wait, it just kind of turned their skin grey.

  • [Character] Vitality +1
  • [Character] Full Heal
  • Character's skin and hair become a shade of grey

Are you one of those evil genies?

YEAH PRETTY MUCH says the genie. Then it just kind of hovers around, staring at [Character] for a while before it disappears.

  • 20 zombies spawn in the room


Toilet Genie's ending dialogue is just the standard non-rare character dialogue, this is probably due to not having any unique epilogue dialogue implemented to this character.


  • The Toilet Genie can be recruited in the O*P*P lobby in the Experimental section. His name is always set to "Genie" and is unable to attack even if he has Weapons.
  • The Toilet Genie is a reference to STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl's ending where the protagonist can wish for immortality which will cause him to turn into a statue or he may also wish to be rich which will cause the roof to collapse after a shower of gold coins.
  • Once you open 100 toilets for the first time you will earn the Magical Wishing Toilet cheevo.
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