Toll Bridge Bandits is a common Walking Event that can be encountered if the party is without a Vehicle. This event occurs more frequently if the game is set to a harder Game Mode. The event features additional options for characters with certain Stat Combos.

The demands of the Bandits will vary depending on what the party has available, as well as the difficulty of the current Game Mode.

Event Text

The group is ambushed while crossing a rickety bridge over a river. The bandits demand a toll to cross.

They want X food to pass safely.

OR They want the remainder of your food, and a quarter of your ammo and medical supplies.

Normal: X = 3 per party member
Deadlier+: X = 4 per party member

  • Pay toll of X food
  • Refuse and fight
  • [Paranoid Character] expected this* (present when character has the Paranoid Trait)
  • [Bandit Character] threatens to burn bridge (present when character has low Loyalty and Composure)

* Can only occur if not alone in the party


Pay toll of X food

The group decides to play it safe. They give into the bandits' demands.

  • [Whole Party] -1 Morale
  • [Party] Demanded Food lost

Refuse and fight!

The group knows that every single one of their supplies are essential for their chances of reaching Canada. So they fight.


  • [Whole Party] -1 Health (lethal)


  • [Whole Party] -2 Health (lethal)

(35% chance of only taking 1 damage instead)

[Paranoid Character] expected this

[Character] expected an ambush, so [he/she] walked through the bridge alone, carrying nothing. The bandits are annoyed by [his/her] lack of stuff and crappy attitude, so they toss [him/her] over the bridge. It's not a bad fall.

While this is happening, the others sneak past the bridge with the supplies!

  • [Character] -1 Health (non-fatal)
  • [Character] Wits and Attitude revealed

[Bandit Character] threatens to burn bridge

[Character] promises the bandits that if [he/she] isn't let go, [he/she] will come back and burn the bridge down.

Success (50%)

The bandits are intimidated at the thought of losing their livelihood, so they let the group pass. Once [he/she] crosses the bridge, [he/she] lights it on fire.

Failure (50%)

The bandits decide to play it safe and just attack immediately. The group manages to escape from the fight, with no supplies stolen.

  • [Character] -2 Health (non-fatal)
  • [Other party characters] -1 Health (non-fatal)


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