Top Seller is a supportive perk that allows a survivor to have more control over their food supply gaining more food when trading away weapons and reducing the amount of food bandits request to safely pass them by. Additionally, characters with this perk will prevent the group from losing morale when paying bandit tolls.

This perk may prove more useful in longer gamemodes such as Marathon Mode and Long Winding Road Mode, as there are more opportunities to collect and sell weapons.

Note: For a complete list of trading bonuses, see Weapons Barterer.


Upgrades for Top Seller can be purchased from Perks of the Mind in exchange for Zombo Points.

Unlock 8 Zombo Points
Level 2 3 Zombo Points
Level 3 5 Zombo Points

Trait Interactions

  • Gourmand - this trait may potentially be supplemented by Top Seller
  • Tiny Eater - provides an additional food-saving measure
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