Tortuga is a Rare Character based on the protagonists of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. He can be found in city looting events at the end of a flooded sewer system accessible from a generic, unmarked building.

Tortuga's Strength and Fitness are revealed upon recruitment. In addition, he will always have 0 Wits and Attitude, giving him the Grating Stat Combo.

Tortuga has 2 weapon slots, both of which come equipped with a Sai, the first slot cannot be changed but the other can be removed freely.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter (Making Friends in the Sewer)

It's a big green animal man. Maybe some kind of green rodent?

Hello? Can I help you with something? You're in my house.

Offering to Recruit

Tortuga likes the idea of heading to Canada. Mostly because he has been stuck in this sewer for far too long.


Tortuga's ending dialogue is just the standard non-rare character dialogue, this is probably due to not having any unique epilogue dialogue implemented to this character.


  • "Tortuga" is the Spanish word for Turtle or Tortoise.
  • Of the four Ninja Turtles, Tortuga most closely resembles Raphael, both in appearance and by the fact that he wields Sais.
  • Tortuga was originally supposed to have a +1 max Fitness bonus, however this was removed before he was officially implemented.
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