Traders are Characters that can be found at Trader Camps. Most Traders will allow the party to trade food for something of benefit to them. There are four types of trader: Weapon, Supply, Training, and Special.

A full list of Traders can be found below:

Weapon Traders

Like the name suggests, Weapon Traders are NPCs that offer food for a variety of different Weapons.

Supply Traders

Supply Traders are randomly generated characters offering a straight exchange of food for another supply item (Gas, Meds, Ammo) at a set ratio.

Training Traders

Training Traders will charge Food in exchange for boosting a Stat by one level. All trainers have the option to train the whole party instead of just a single character. (apart from the rare book trader and the sleepy trader)

Special Traders

Special Traders do a variety of different things. Most have unique appearances and dialogue.

Unique Camp Traders

Unique Location Traders are only found at special Trading Camps.

Hidden Laboratory

Ye Olden Renaissance Faire

Swole Mountain

Trader Inferno

Zombo Town

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