Turkey is a seasonal Rare Character that can only be recruited during Thanksgiving (fourth Thursday of November).

The player can either recruit them or choose to eat them for 1 Morale (whole party) and 8 Food.

If Turkey's morale dips too low, their Despair Event involves them pecking another survivor and the team either kicking the person they pecked or finally eating the Turkey and gaining the same benefits as mentioned above.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

It's that time of the year! A turkey appears!

It's pretty big so it might actually be a guy in a turkey suit.

No one can say for sure.

Eat Turkey

The group eats a huge Thanksgiving meal.


There's even some leftovers!

Spare Turkey

Big mistake! Now the turkey thinks [Character] is its mother!

It starts following [him/her] around.

Despair Event

Turkey pecks at [Character] while making frantic gobbling noises!

It looks like there's no compromise here.

Either the turkey goes or [Character] has to.

Get rid of Turkey

The group eats a huge Thanksgiving meal.


There's even some leftovers!

It took long enough for that meal to happen.

Kick [Character] out

[Character] gets kicked out of the group!

I can't believe this! How is that turkey even still alive?


"gobble gobble"

Turkey survived against all odds. Happy Thanksgiving!


  • Turkey's stats are always randomised, although they will always start with 3 Morale.
  • The only way to recruit Turkey outside of O*P*P MODE is to play the game on a national holiday, much like with Santa, the Beaver, Uncle Sam, and Cupid.
  • The exact way the game determines if Turkey should appear is as such: first, it checks the month (November) and day of the week (Thursday), and then it checks the day of the month (22nd-28th). This is because Thanksgiving is a mobile holiday, meaning the exact date changes each year.
  • Interestingly, Turkey can be saved by somebody with the Hero Type trait if killed during their despair event, letting Turkey live, and get an increase in morale
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