Uncle Sam is a Rare Character that is recruited upon beginning a game on the 4th of July. He is based on the popular fictional personification of the United States by the same name.

Uncle Sam only has 1 Vitality resulting in death from any single damage received.

No Stats are revealed for U.S. upon joining, however he will always start with 0 Wits and Attitude, giving him the Irritating stat combo.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

Uncle Sam appears! He's the living personification of AMERICA, which ceased existing years ago.

You feel VAGUELY MORE PATRIOTIC, but not really.

Time to escape this zombie wasteland!

Upon Recruitment

Uncle Sam joins the team!

Onward to Canada!


"Another win for 100% American Can-Do-ism!"

Uncle Sam quietly and sheepishly applied for Canadian citizenship.

Special Abilities

When Uncle Sam dies he explodes damaging all Zombos in the immediate area, he then transforms into Muscle Eagle.

When Uncle Sam dies and transforms he will shout "CAAAAAW!"


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