The Video Cassette Player is a rare Driving Event in Death Road to Canada.

It offers four options: Action Movie, Fitness Tape, Comedy Film, and Sumo Movie. The Fitness Tape increases fitness of all party members by one. Comedy Film increases the morale of all party members by three. Action movie improves the shooting of all party members by one. Sumo Movie teaches the martial art Sumo, and if a character already has Sumo, it is upgraded to Super Sumo. All of the options improve morale.

Event Text

The group finds someone's abandoned hideout in a boarded up house. There's not much left in here, except a small battery powered TV hooked up to an old VHS player. There's only one movie in the videotape player:

  • Action Movie
  • Fitness Tape
  • Comedy Film
  • Sumo Movie


Action Movie

The videotape is a movie adaptation of the arcade game DEATHSPLOSIONAL! It's better than no movie at all.

The TV shorts out after the movie, and is left behind.

Fitness Tape

The group follows the fitness instructor on the videotape. Everyone's wearing neon sweatbands.

  • [Party] +1 Fitness
  • [Party] +1 Morale

The TV shorts out after the movie, and is left behind.

Comedy Film

The comedy film turns out to be terrible by most standards, but the group is completely absorbed by it. It's very rare to see a movie anymore.

  • [Party] +3 Morale

The TV shorts out during the middle of the second viewing, and never comes back on.

Sumo Movie

Sumo Wrestling was in the top 5 sports in America before the zombocalypse. This lead to a lot of sumo movies, sumo TV dramas, sumo cartoons, so on and so forth.

The group picks up some sumo moves by watching the film!

  • [Party] +1 Morale
  • [All humans and dogs] Unarmed attack changed to Sumo

The TV shorts out after the movie, and is left behind.

If party has at least one dog

[Character] learns sumo, despite being a dog.

  • [Character] Unarmed attack changed to Sumo

If a character already knows Sumo

[Character] learns superior sumo techniques!

  • [Character] Unarmed attack changed to Super Sumo


  • In the "Sumo Movie" outcome, only dogs are able to learn Sumo. Any other pet types (cats, goats, pigs etc.) will not have their unarmed attack changed.
  • If a character has Super Sumo as their unarmed attack, picking the "Sumo Movie" option will still replace it with regular Sumo.
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