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Vitality is a measure of a survivor's maximum health represented by a refillable heart icon in Death Road to Canada. Each point of Vitality equates to how many hitpoints a survivor has, and accordingly, how many hits a survivor can take before death. By default, survivors will start with 3 Vitality, but this number is variable dependent on perks and traits. Pets will most often start with 2 Vitality, and rare characters can have their own special variables ranging from 1 to 6.

Vitality can be considered the counterpart to Dexterity, which increases a survivor's running speed. Both are hidden stats that are difficult to raise and enhance individual survivability.


Vitality as a stat differs significantly from combat, support, or personality stats. It does not show up on a survivor's stat screen and rarely increases or decreases using typical means of training; there are very few opportunities to raise Vitality.


Resilient Survivors

  • Survivors with Big Bruiser (+1) perk
  • Survivors with Gourmand (+1) or Resilient Type (+1) traits

Vulnerable Survivors

  • Survivors with BERSERK (-2) or Frantic Whiner (-1) traits

Vitality Table

Gnomey, Kepa, Octodad, Uncle Sam, WYK-TV Skeletons
Most Pets, Bee Mann, Woof
Most survivors and Rare Characters
Caveman, Hermit, Kaiju
Stats General MoraleVitalityDexterity
Combat StrengthFitnessShooting
Support MechanicalMedical
Personality WitsAttitudeComposureLoyalty
Misc Cool It!Stat CombosStat Mods