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Walkin' will replace the Speedometer when the party has no vehicle.

  • Walking is the default method of transport if the party has lost their Vehicle.

Walking is - unsurprisingly - the slowest method of travel meaning the Driving days until Canada value will not lower.

Walking will automatically begin if any of the following occurs:

  • Party runs out of Gasoline while driving.
  • The party's vehicle breaks down and they fail to repair it.
  • Scavenging party exits a level (excluding Siege levels) by walking to the edge of the map and confirming that they want to leave their Vehicle behind.
  • The party's vehicle is destroyed during an Event.
  • The party’s vehicle is destroyed while searching a location.

Walking prevents most standard events from occurring, instead featuring a unique set of Walking Events. Most of these events result in negative consequences such as loss of health, Morale, and/or supplies; furthermore, players will often lack the ability to decide on the results of these events. However, if a character has sufficiently-high Stats or particular abilities, some of these events can be endured with minimal losses.

The driving days value when the party has no car.

Fortunately, players will rarely have to suffer from the walking condition for too long, as there are a reasonable number of walking events that provide the player with a vehicle. In the event that the party fails to come across such an event, they will eventually be provided with a scavenging mission featuring an abandoned vehicle.