Weapons are the party's main means of zombie-slaying in Death Road to Canada. The effectiveness of a weapon is determined by their handler's combat stats: strength, fitness, and shooting. The amount of damage a survivor can inflict is affected mainly by the weapon in question, but improved combat stats help survivors use them with more proficiency.

Weapons can be separated into three categories: Melee, Ranged, and Motorized. Additionally there are Special Weapons that only rare characters can use.

Melee Weapons

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Melee weapons are used to attack zombies at close range. Swinging a melee weapon will drain a survivor's energy and eventually tire them out if swung repeatedly. Higher strength and fitness stats will reduce the cooldown on weapons, allowing them to be swung more reliably. Some weapons have a chance to break when they hit a target.

Unarmed Attacks

Unarmed attacks are not weapons in the conventional sense but function the same mechanically. Each character will default to an unarmed attack when they are not wielding any other kind of weapon. Naturally, unarmed attacks cannot break, and they do not stack with other unarmed attacks.

Ranged Weapons

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Ranged weapons allow characters to dispatch zombies from a greater distance. Most of them require various different types of ammunition in order to fire and are affected by the shooting stat. When a firearm runs out of ammo, it can be swung like a melee weapon. Most firearms have a melee power value of 0.4, making them very ineffective melee weapons.

Throwing Weapons

Throwing weapons are, as implied, weapons which can be thrown at zombies to inflict damage from a distance. Many throwing weapons simply damage zombies, but some are explosive, and others summon helpful entities to fight alongside the party.

Motorized Weapons

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Motorized weapons are a special class of weapon in Death Road to Canada.

While there are only a handful of motorized weapons, each one provides a unique function that differentiates it from normal weapons. Motorized weapons are also able to run automatically; players can simply hold down the primary attack button in order to continuously attack with it. However, they also drain their stock of fuel fairly quickly, so they must be used sparingly to be effective.

Special Weapons

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Special weapons are weapons that can only be found on and used by rare characters, and most are either of the melee or ranged variety. Special weapons are not dropped on death and cannot be wielded by other party members. They also cannot be break.


Main Article: Consumable Weapons

Consumbles are a very small subset of weapons that do not belong to other categories as they are not swung like melee weapons, fired like ranged weapons, or hurled like throwing weapons. They instead often have a utility function such as teleportation or health recovery, and have a finite amount of uses.

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