The Weapons Barterer is a Trader who can be found in Trader Camps. She will offer to trade Food for certain Weapons.

The Weapons Barterer will be standing in front of a tent, usually at the entrance of Trader Camps.

She will not take every weapon; only uncommon/rare weapons can be traded for food. Uncommon weapons (like the Aluminium Bat or Dolt 45) will typically net the player 1 food, while rarer weapons (like the Chainsaw) can be traded for 3 or more.

Bandits, Berserkers, and other suitable personality types can rob this trader.


Weapons Sell Price Top Seller Bonus
Aluminum Bat, Blacksmith Hammer, Branch Trimmer, Brass Knucks, Cowboy Rifle, Dolt .45, Fire Axe, Haunted Fork, Haunted Knife, Haunted Spoon, Nightstick, Parking Meter, Shotgun, Silenced Pistol, Sledgehammer, Snubnose Revolver, TactiCop Lite(TM), ULTIMATE LOG, Wooden Club 1 food +1 food
Blue Robot, Dagger, E-blower, Electric Chainsaw, Electric Guitar, E-whacker, Green Turret, Leaf Blower, Sickle, Tactical Spear, Weed Whacker 2 food
Ded9, Double Barrel Shotgun, Gladius, Grenade Launcher, Hunting Rifle, Mega Maul, Sai, Scythe, Sturdy Machete, The Whammer, Wind Shuriken 3 food
Bazooka, Chainsaw, Napalm Thrower, Red Robot, Red Turret, Uzi 4 food +2 food
Knight Sword, Medieval Axe 5 food
AK47, Bardiche, Hot Poker, Slug Shotgun, Sniper Rifle 6 food
Automatic Shotgun, Halberd, Quiet Shotgun 7 food +3 food
Cavalry Sabre, Claymore 8 food
Big Dawg, Skull Hammer 10 food +4 food
Zweihander 11 food
Flamethrower 12 food
Firelunk Greatsword, Golden Knife, Megaknight Blade, Ray Gun, Strong Katana, The Grim Reaper 15 food +5 food
Minigun 16 food n/a
Dragonslayer, Golden Spear 20 food

Encounter Text

The group sees a woman standing near a stockpile of crates. The crates seem to contain a large amount of food and drink.

I got food! I'm looking for some great weapons!

She takes a look at what [Character] is carrying...

Try to sell an unremovable weapon

[Character] refuses to part with this weapon! The trader is mildly irritated by her time being wasted.

Rob her

The trader defends herself by throwing cans of food at [Character]! It's surprisingly effective. The others are dragged into it. The group is forced to flee the trading camp!

  • +6-10 Food
  • [Character] -1 Health (lethal)
  • [Party] -1/-2/+1 Morale (Guilt)


  • The Weapons Barterer was added in the March 22, 2017 BRAINSTEM Update.
  • Before the June 4th, 2018 GIZZARD update, you were able to sell unremovable weapons. This had the side effect of freeing up that weapon slot, which could be exploited for certain characters.
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