The Wizard or "The Wiz" is a Rare Character that can be found and recruited at Trader Camps. In addition to being a potential party member he can also perform other services for smaller food costs.

Paying 1 Food for a fortune will result in him saying in one way or another that your party will "die a terrible death". The whole party will lose one Morale, but the upswing of this is that a randomly selected party member will "resolve to defy fate" and have their Vitality increased* by one.

Paying 5 Food will allow someone to have a tarot reading. The selected character's stats will be revealed in their entirety, allowing for more educated choices during events. This also reveals Dexterity, which is normally hidden, and the unused Charm stat.

Lastly paying 20 Food will allow the party to recruit the Wizard. He joins with a unique weapon called the Wizzle Stick which can not be dropped or traded. His Wits are revealed upon recruitment.

*An additional effect will occur in which the character's seed value will be boosted very high. This effects various randomised components of the game.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

This guy looks like he might be a wizard.

I'm a wizard! I can foresee your future, or reveal hidden truths with the power of the tarot!

Not enough food

Free fortune: You're going to starve! Then you'll die a terrible death!

Get fortune - 1 food

[See Fortunes]

[Party] -1 Morale

[Random Character] resolves to defy fate!


[Character] +1 Vitality
Character's seed is set to 777777777

Get a tarot reading - 5 food

The tarot reading reveals amazing personal truths about [Character].

[Character] All stats revealed

Recruit wizard - 20 food

The group hires the wizard!

The prophecies still say that you will die a terrible death!

Full party

The group is full. Who would you like to replace to make room for the wizard?


"Abracadabra, nerds!"

The Wiz predicted that he'd safely make it to Canada, and look where he is now.

Special Abilities

The Wizard has no special abilities - however his weapon the Wizzle Stick shoots balls of lightning which jump to nearby zombies when they hit, allowing him to deal with large groups.


  • The wizard's appearance is based on the fortune-telling wizard seen in the demo of upcoming game Barkley 2
  • It is not revealed however the Wizard always joins with 1 Strength and 2 Fitness.
  • The Wizard's epilogue is most likely a joke about how his fortunes say that you will die a horrible death/not make it to Canada.
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