Wood Woman is a Rare Character that was added in the August DUODENUM update. She can be found and recruited at Trader Camps. She is a weird lady who carries a log around with her everywhere which she speaks to and can apparently speak back to her.

She will join the party if paid 10 Food. No stats are revealed upon recruitment.

She wields a unique weapon called the Lady's Log which functions similarily to regular Logs, but has a much lower cooldown and can not be dropped.

Encounter Text

Wood Woman

The group meets a mysterious woman. She holds a massive chunk of wood in her arms.

My log says you can be trusted. I am more pragmatic. Pay me and I'll join you.


Wood Woman and her companion both join the team! Two for the price of one!

Full party

Wood Woman notices that the team is already full. You'll have to boot someone out of the team to make room for her.


  • "My log says he wants more space in the car."
  • "My log says that we'll make it to Canada."
  • "My log says fire weapons are too dangerous."
  • "My log says he wants to splatter some zombies."
  • "My log says to be careful."
  • "My log says chainsaws use up too much gas to be effective."
  • "My log says we have to keep our morale up."
  • "My log says we should focus on training our strength and fitness."
  • "My log says we can't let our petty squabbles drive us apart."
  • "My log says great danger lies ahead!"
  • "My log says we should collect more logs, for future battles."
  • "My log says we should try to use more blunt weapons."
  • "My log will defend me, don't worry about us."
  • "My log says there is a log out there even more mighty than he."

Upon death



"My log says this is a good place to stay."

Wood Woman helped the mounties develop powerful log-based anti-zombie technology.

Special Abilities

Wood Woman has no special abilities.


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