Zombies are the standard enemy type found in all areas of Death Road to Canada, including Always be Looting areas, Sieges and (rarely) Trader Camps. Zombies vary in appearance, shape, size, and even health, making it somewhat difficult to formulate a universal strategy for their disposal.

There are two stats affecting zombie behavior: aggression and density. Higher levels of aggression make it more likely for zombies to notice and attack the player, while higher density will cause more zombies to spawn. The aggression and density of an area is determined by the Zombie Forecast.

Zombies can be killed using Weapons or Furniture.


Zombies will usually wander aimlessly at a speed dependent on their aggression; the higher the aggression, the faster they move. If a player has been detected, zombies will cease their roaming and begin to give chase. If any of the following conditions are met, a player will be detected:

  • The player gets too close to the zombie
  • The player attacks a zombie
  • The player produces a loud noise (such as gunshots from Ranged Weapons)

If a zombie is close enough to a player, it will reach out and attempt to grab them. If the grab succeeds, the player's character will show red question marks and exclamation points above their head, while their movement speed will be drastically reduced. After being grabbed enough times, the character will start to take damage.

When attacked with a weapon that has high Knockback, a zombie can occasionally fall down and temporarily stay on the ground. While the zombie is down, they are unable to attack, and take more damage. The zombie will get up after a certain amount of time and will continue to chase the player.

Should the player enter a room while a zombie is giving chase, it will attempt to follow them through the doorway. If the player closes the door behind them, then the zombie will proceed to pound on the door until it breaks.

If a zombie bites a character, it has a chance to inflict a bleeding status. Zombies can then follow the blood trail to maintain pursuit, even if the character is out of sight.

If a character is killed, any nearby zombies will be attracted to their corpse and begin to swarm it in order to consume the remains. After taking enough damage, the corpse will become a skeleton, at which point zombies will lose all interest.

If furniture is placed in their path, zombies will try to break it, regardless of whether they're actually capable of doing so. They will follow you in a linear direction, so hiding behind a wall can serve as a sound strategy, as they will attempt to go through it rather than around.

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