Zombo Points (ZP for short) are a form of currency in Death Road to Canada used to purchase a variety of upgrades to the game. Zombo Points accumulate across multiple runs for players to spend them in Zombo Town, where they can purchase new perks and traits, upgrade existing perks, and buy gameplay improvements such as better toilet loot and increased chances of finding rare traders and locations.

Zombo Points may be obtained either by successfully surviving a siege, randomly finding them during Always Be Looting events, and reaching the border of Canada. In addition, 'Extra ZP' upgrades can be bought from Unomey to allow the player to gain ZP from certain other actions, such as rescuing characters.

Additionally, Zombo Points may be used to purchase weapons, recruits, and rodents from Tnomey, a gnome that appears in trader camps after purchasing the 'Trader Camp Gnome' upgrade from Unomey.

The maximum amount of Zombo Points the player can hold at a time starts at 10 and may be increased up to 50 through 'Max ZP Increase' upgrades from Unomey. The first two upgrades (which increase the cap to 15 and 20 points respectively) can also be unlocked for free by winning certain game modes.


  • Upon being collected, golden ZP skulls display the text "+1 ZOMBO POINT!" and play a sound effect. However, if the player is at max ZP upon collecting one, the text "ZOMBO POINTS MAX!" will be displayed instead, while the sound effect will be replaced by a loud rumbling noise. The screen will also shake for a few seconds.
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